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Psychotherapy is a way to overcome problematic thoughts or behaviors.

Psychotherapy addresses personal difficulties. It allows an individual, family, or couple, to talk openly and confidentially about their concerns and feelings with a trained professional. Almost all types of psychotherapies involve developing a therapeutic relationship, communicating and creating a dialogue, and working to overcome problematic thoughts, feelings or behaviors. There are many issues that psychotherapy can help.


Here at Rachel’s Homeopathy & Holistic Health, we help you to deal with your day to day problems in a more systematic and professional way, as we have experienced psychotherapists who are always working for you to find the right solution. The therapeutic relationship is very significant and can affect therapeutic outcomes.


Having a good therapeutic relationship is essential as it will affect how comfortable and safe you will feel and how much you will disclose. Feeling understood and comfortable will influence the flow and the progress of the therapy. The welcoming atmosphere at will put you at ease.  Psychotherapy aims to influence an individual’s sense of well-being and relationships. Psychotherapists are sensitive to the client’s needs and employ a wide range of skills to facilitate the client’s goals.


Psychotherapy may be useful if:

  • You’re facing situations causing you stress, anxiety and upset.
  • You are experiencing intense or uncomfortable feelings such as anger, sadness, fear, frustration and depression.
  • You are behaving in ways that don’t fit your normal pattern, don’t serve your needs, or are problematic to you or others.
  • You are thinking thoughts that are peculiar, hard to understand, out-of-control or disturbing.
  • You’ve experienced a traumatic event, such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, a serious accident or a criminal injury.
  • You are dealing with a relationship issue or family conflict.
  • You’re going through a difficult life transition, such as the death of a loved one, a life-threatening illness, divorce, separation, or a mid-life crisis.
  • You are challenged by family issues, such as parenting, child-rearing, adolescence, and aging parents.
  • You are addicted to smoking, alcohol, drugs, sex or gambling.
  • You have an eating disorder.
  • You are facing difficulties with matters of gender identity, sexual orientation, racism and oppression.
  • You wish to explore spiritual issues, questions of meaning or matters of faith.


Psychotherapy consultation:

60 minutes session = $ 80 + Hst
90 minutes session = $ 120 + Hst
Community service/ Students/Seniors(60 mins ) = $ 55 + Hst


  1. Session (60 Mins), one Session free.

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